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Cleanroom Ventilation: The Essentials

HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning) is vital for enclosed environments. It ensures the consistent circulation of fresh air with the addition of warmer or cooler air where required.  Cleanroom ventilation requires meticulous levels of precision to meet regulations required for usage. Particles as low as 0.3 microns can cause

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cleanroom maintenance

Cleanroom Maintenance: Everything You Should Know

Cleanroom maintenance is a meticulous process that requires much planning and organization to ensure the necessary requirements are adhered to. This post explains what a cleanroom is, its importance, and the proper cleanroom maintenance to keep it in spec.  What is a Cleanroom? A cleanroom is a well-controlled environment with

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The Different Cleanroom Types (ISO 1 to ISO 9)

Diving into the world of cleanrooms unveils a meticulous hierarchy of controlled environments, each tailored to specific cleanliness standards. From the ultra-sterile ISO Class 1 to the more permissive ISO Class 9, these classifications dictate the level of particle control within these crucial spaces.  In this blog, we embark on

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CSI Testing, an SSA Company, Announces Acquisition of Gerbig Cleanrooms’ Certification Division

CSI Testing, a Scientific Safety Alliance (SSA company is excited to announce its acquisition of Gerbig Cleanrooms’ Certification Division (“Gerbig Certification”) from Gerbig Cleanrooms (“Gerbig”)  The two certification companies will merge, creating the largest independent certification provider in the Upper Midwest, and serve both customers under the CSI Testing name.

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