Our Services

CSI Testing offers a comprehensive array of services to ensure that your controlled environment and facilities are up to standards. Whether you need a cleanroom tested and certified, or a HEPA filter replacement, our team has you covered. Inquire today to learn more about our services below.

Our Services

Cleanroom testing / certification

We test and certify all types of cleanrooms to ISO 14644-1 standards. From small to large, we have you covered.

USP 797 testing

We offer USP compliance testing, helping clients deliver safe, effective medication.

Fume Hood Testing

We offer a comprehensive array of fume hood tests such as velocity and smoke pattern testing.

Isolator Certification

We can certify all types of isolators and gloveboxes.

Laminar Flow Testing

We offer testing/certification of laminar flow units / clean benches.


We can repair fume hoods, biosafety cabinets, HEPA filters, and other pieces of critical equipment.

Advisory services

We offer cleanroom design reviews, operational performance audits, and other advisory services.

Biosafety cabinet certification

We test cabinets in accordance with NSF/ANSI 49, OSHA, NIH/CDC and manufacturer’s specifications.

Cleanroom Building

CSI Testing offers a variety of modular cleanroom products through its partner, Gerbig Cleanrooms

Our Locations

We are a regional service provider

As a regional service provider, CSI Testing provides testing and certification services across the Midwest. We also service other states such as Florida, Texas, among others.