Why are technician qualifications important?

Regulatory and industry guidance requires using appropriately trained employees and contractors.  The CDC and NIH recommend that accredited field certifiers be used to test and certify all biological safety cabinets.  The Joint Commission surveys include reviews of contractors in healthcare facility support roles to ensure appropriate qualifications are applied.  The United States Pharmacopeia addresses Qualified Operators for the certification of engineering controls used in preparing sterile drug products.  

Eagleson Institute

Eagleson Institute

Our technicians attend training in cleanroom and controlled environment testing at the Eagleson Institute in Sanford, Maine. These programs include coursework in HEPA filter leak testing, cleanroom particle testing, and biological safety cabinet testing.

Website: www.eagleson.org

Controlled Environment Testing Association


Our technicians attend training in controlled environment testing and certification methods through the Controlled Environment Testing Association. CETA testing guidance is incorporated in USP <797> and other guidance documents.

Website: www.cetainternational.org

Institute of Environmental Science and Technology


Our management team regularly participates in standards writing committees and working groups within the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology. IEST is recognized internationally for its work in cleanroom and controlled environment test guidance and standards creation. IEST is the United States representation with the International Standards Organization cleanroom standards committee (ISO 14644).

Website: www.iest.org 

We believe in active participation in our industry and have developed training programs and published several articles on controlled environment testing.