Why are technician qualifications important?

Regulatory and industry guidance requires using appropriately trained employees and contractors.  The CDC and NIH recommend that accredited field certifiers be used to test and certify all biological safety cabinets.  The Joint Commission surveys include reviews of contractors in healthcare facility support roles to ensure appropriate qualifications are applied.  The United States Pharmacopeia addresses Qualified Operators for the certification of engineering controls used in preparing sterile drug products.  

NSF International

NSF Certification

We require our technicians to achieve NSF Accredited Class II Biosafety Cabinet Field Certifiers certification within their first two years of employment. NSF International is an accredited third party certification body that is widely recognized for expertise in scientific, safety, environmental, and public health matters. NSF accreditation requires successful completion of written and practical tests, periodic re-testing, and continuing education.

Website: www.nsf.org